We are fortunate at FinishLine Logistics to have experienced success in the logistics business for many years. We have always maintained that our good fortune must be reciprocated. So, each year we support organizations within our communities that focus on health, children and military veterans. In addition, FinishLine and its staff, partners, and employees are committed to supporting one another through the Family Assistance Fund (FAF). FAF was started with the goal to support employees who experienced a hardship situation. Today, FinishLine and FAF offer several programs that help and celebrate our TMC families. Below are just a few of the organizations we are proud to support.

  • Special Olympics
  • Susan G Komen
  • Food Bank of Georgia
  • Florida Rescue Mission
  • Children's Haven of Joplin
  • St. Jude's Children's Hospital
  • Animal Rescue League of Florida


FinishLine has great respect for the security of our customers' freight and the well being of our country and environment. FinishLine is committed to decreasing its carbon footprint. FinishLine has taken the following steps to improve fuel efficiency: 

  • FinishLine educates its drivers on fuel economy through continuous education classes
  • All FinishLine trucks are set at 62 MPH
  • Drivers receive incentives through their pay for meeting out of route and idle time goals
  • FinishLine reduces paper usage through a paperless driver pay system